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Welcome RetroPC fan,

I am PC gamer, collector and RetroPC enthusiast with the special attention to VGA graphics cards. I've been collecting PC parts for over 25 years now and I got to the point that my collection grew just too much. I had no other choice than to try to reduce it a bit. Not give up completely but trim down.


If you're looking 100% safe VGA cards for your retro pc build I am happy to say that you just found the very reliable source. All PC parts in this shop come from my personal collection so they are fully tested & refined. All VGA cards are put on sale only when stress tests are passed. So you can be absolutely sure that all items leaving the shop are fully working units.


However, due to age of the items, some parts might die suddenly or not working properly in your system for some reason. That's why I also offer return policy in such cases. All details and conditions can be found here.

Feel free to ask any questions before or after purchasing. Please use contact us form.


Enjoy the shopping!


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