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  • What's the shipping cost to my country?

You will find all needed details on the "SHIPPING COSTS & DELIVERY" page.

  • How can I pay for the item? What's the payment system used in your shop?

We use one of the safest and reliable payment providers in the industry: PayPal. It is 100% safe and trusted. And don't worry, even if you don't have PayPal account, it will be also able to handle safely your credit card at the checkout.

As of April 2023 we also enabled STRIPE payment system so you can directly use your VISA/MASTERCARD without any issues. 

  • How can I pay with credit card if I don't have Paypal account?

UPDATE, April 2023: We are now accepting credit/debit cards via STRIPE payments. For more information please look on their official site

But even if you don't have any PayPal account you can still complete transaction with full security provided by our platform. Please just simply follow the steps during checkout. Look at the attached screenshot for reference.​

  • Will the shipping cost be cheaper if I buy more items?

Yes. The total cost of the package is based on combined weight of the items. You can find more details here.

  • Can I return my item? What's the return & refund policy?

Yes, we provide return & refund policy for all customers. Please find more details in relevant section in Returns & Refunds.


  • Do I need to pay eventual custom duties?

Yes. In some cases there might occur additional costs at the border like VAT, taxes, custom duties/fees calculated by your destination country. These additional charges are the responsibility of the recipient. Unfortunately we can't participate in these costs and we can't estimate the amount of charges as the taxation policies vary widely from country to country. It is always advised to contact your local custom office for further details before making the purchase.

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